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When humanity will have invented general AI, and kicked back on a particularly comfortable sofa, they will have started to ponder the future. And what better way to tell the future than referring to the wisdom of the ancients - the old ones who have for millenia taught us the ways of Hermes Trismegistus, the secret permutations of the Qabalah, and the occult science of planets and precious metals. They told us about the telluric currents, and the Serpent which consumed itself. They built markers and gave us clues so hard to miss, and yet we walk across them on our strolls around Warwickshire almost every bank holiday.

We have embarked on a quest to retrieve this ancient knowledge from the Cloud itself. With plentiful VC funding and the correct attitude, We will be able to disrupt the esoteric market using new techniques of divination. First, We have devised a technique for obtaining millions of unseen arcana of the sacred Tarot, by taking them directly from Google's carefully laid out underground data centers. Every card is imbued with knowledge of the querent's past, as well as their deepest desires.

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